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Early Years Foundation Stage

As Early Years Foundation Stage providers we aim to work in partership with parents/carers and also the schools that the children attend; this should ensure effective communication and compliment not replicate what schools are doing.

At Hedgehogs we believe that children learn and develop best when they feel safe and secure, surranded by positive relationship with the adults caring for them and when their individual needs are met.

The safety of the children in our care is paramount, therefore we take every step to ensure that the children are safe, happy and feel supported and included in a warm a caring environment.

We monitor children's development and we provide indoor and outdoor play opportunities appropriate to children interests and development needs.

The children will be allocated a Key Person in the setting who will be monitoring the children's progression and respond to any comments that parents may make. Any requirement needs will be shared with parents and with the child's school if appropriate.

For more information about the EYFS you can contact the DfE via website.




Club Times & Prices

Clubs’ times                     

Breakfast Club (Stoke Park) – From 7.45 am to start of school day

Breakfast Club (Shamblehurst) - From 7.30 am to start of school day

After School Clubs (Stoke Park) from end of school day to 6.00pm 

After School (Shamblehurst) from end of school day to 5.45pm


Price per child:

Breakfast Club – £4.50   Siblings prices – £4.00                   

After School Club – £10.00 Siblings prices – £9.00


                      A charge for late collections will apply

Please note that charges are per session, we do not apply discount if your child is collected early.

(Prices were correct at the time of going to press however Hedgehogs reserve the right to change the price if required)


Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide a safe, warm, stimulating environment for each child that encourages the development of physical and social skills, independence and a positive self-image.

Our experienced staff embrace the philosophy that all children learn by playing and have their own timing of social, physical, and intellectual development. Our staff encourage children (individually and in groups) to think for themselves, to make decisions, to work toward their own solutions, and express their own ideas and feelings.   

At Hedgehogs we understand the importance of encouraging children to know their views count, and promote fundamental british values to enable them to challenge extremist views.

Hedgehogs staff and management recognise the importance of the home and school partnership. We have an open door policy and provide activities and events which promote these partnerships.

Hedgehogs are supported by Hampshire County Council and and regulated by Ofsted.


Our committed team of staff have suitable qualifications/training and experience in childcare, ensuring the best care for your child. Hedgehog staff undergo DBS checks.

We have qualified first aiders in the setting at every session.

All staff treat children as individuals with equal respect; our partnership with parents is highly valued.

The following policies are available on request: Safe Recruitment, Whistle Blowing,  Child Protection and Safeguarding, Behaviour, Staff code of conduct. 




Please be advised that children and parents are not allowed to go back to classrooms after schol hours. Hedgehogs staff regularly remind the children of this procedure and ask whether they have their belongings with them. If it is very important that they need to collect a forgotten item, please inform a member of the club staff who may be able to help.  We would also recommend that you name childrens clothing; this will help us to return clothing to you promptly if left behind.

Car Park

If you use the school car park we recommend that you hold hands if possible or keep your children close to you, as vehicles could move at any time and children are not always aware of the potential danger. Please also observe the school speed limit of 5mph whilst on the school grounds.





Hedgehogs Clubs are places where children should feel welcome, safe, and have fun and be happy. It should be a place where they can make friends and be themselves, as well as a place where they can try new and exciting activities. Our expectation from children is to be kind and considerate towards other people and to look after equipment and premises.

Our children's code of conduct is based on our S.U.R.E. values, and reflect the Fundamental British Values:

Supportive and Helpful to one another

Understanding our club's rules and keep safe

Respect people, property and our environment

Equality is accepting that everyone is different but deserves to be treated              with equal respect

If a child behaves inappropriately, the course of action will be to: 

  • Observe the situation, speak to the child to establish the reason and help the child to reach a fair solution 
  • If inappropriate behaviour persists, the child will be removed from the group to provide a calming down period 
  • If the situation continues, the Club will meet with the parent to discuss concerns.

Hedgehogs reserve the right to ask parents to remove a child who refuses or consistently fails to abide by the club’s rules and expectations.

All members of staff will treat children with respect and sensitivity and are expected to behave in a responsible manner.

Our Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policies are available on request.

Equality Policy

Hedgehogs are inclusive provision and are fully committed to operating non-discriminatory clubs’. Equal opportunities will be considered in all aspects of the service that our clubs’ provides. All those attending Hedgehogs will be treated with due respect; it is therefore essential that members should challenge all racist, sexist and other oppressive language and behaviour or discrimination against disabled people.

 Our Equality policy is available on request.


The aim of our confidentiality policy is to protect children at all times and to give all members of staff involved clear guidance as to their professional roles. To ensure good practice which is understood by children, parents/carers and members of staff.

All members of staff shall not during their period of employment, or at any time thereafter, divulge to any person or use for their benefit any confidential information pertaining to parents, carers or children.

Our Confidentiality Policy is available on request.


Child Protection and Safeguarding Children

At Hedgehogs we provide a welcoming, safe and stimulating indoor and outdoor environment, and take any necessary steps to ensure the safety and welfare of the children in our care.

All Hedgehogs members of staff undergo DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks; procedures are in place to ensure that staff and volunteers  looking after children are suitable to fulfil the requirements of their roles and responsibilities.

Every child has the right to be protected and it is our duty to report anything we see or hear that leads us to think that a child may be neglected or suffering physical, sexual or emotional abuse.

Our Child Protection and Safeguarding Children Policy is available on request.


Health and Safety

Hedgehogs recognise and accept its responsibility for providing a safe and healthy environment for all children, staff and users. A successful safety policy relies on the staff and children actively following policy and procedures.

Risk assessments are carried out daily to ensure the safety of all.

For safety reason parents/carers must not wonder around the school after school hours without notifing a member of Hedgehogs staff. This could be very unsafe in the case of a fire.

Once you are ready to leave the setting please let a member of staff know and then leave the building by the designated exit.If you re-enter the building for any reason please ensure a member of Hedgehogs staff knows you are on the premises.

Our Health & Safety Policy is available on request.

Fire Safety

In the event of a fire or the fire alarm activating all persons need to leave the building using the nearest fire exit and assemble at the Hedgehogs designated fire point. All children will be escorted to the assembly point by Hedgehogs staff.

Fire drills and safety rules are regularly practised/reminded to the children to ensure they are able to follow the correct procedures.

Our Fire Safety policies and procedures are available on request.


Any minor accidents will be dealt with and recorded and the child’s parent/carer will be informed when collecting the child from the club or as soon as reasonably applicable.

In case of a more serious accident the appropriate action will be taken and the parent will be informed immediately.

Please ensure that the child’s registration form is always up to date.

First Aiders are available in the premises.



If a child is ill during a session, the parent will be contacted. Should the child suffer from an infection or infectious illness, the club will ask the parents to collect the child immediately; with the understanding that the child will be accepted back at the club when he/she is fit. This action is necessary for the protection of other children from infections and illnesses.

The club needs to be informed if a child is not attending due to illness, even if the parent has informed the school, as the club is a separate organisation. 


Please inform a member of staff if your child is taking any form of medication.

Medicines will only be administered by our staff on the written authority of the child’s parent and a form is available when required.

If your child uses an inhaler or epi-pen, the club will need to be notified and a medical form will need to be completed by the parent.

Medicines are kept out of the reach of children and will be returned to parents as required. We keep a written record each time a medicine is administered to a child.




Accessibility of policies and procedures

Policies are important because they help us establish rules and procedures and create standards of quality for care and safety, as well as expectations and accountability.

Our complete policies and procedures are available to all parents and kept in a file at each club.

If you require to see any policy or procedures, please let us know and we will be very happy to help.


Parents Views

At Hedgehogs we value the views and suggestions of our parents; we endeavour to listen and respond to any views or concerns that you may have at any time and enjoy sharing information about the children's activities.

A questionnaire is sent out to parents and children approximately once a year in order to obtain feedback regarding the quality of care that the club provides; consequently we review the way our provision operates. 

At Hedgehogs we believe that a parents/staff partnership is crucial to the child’s well-being; if you need to speak to a member of staff in confidence, please do not hesitate to let us know, alternatively you can e-mail us. In any case we would be dealing with any matters promptly and courteously.



We hope that you do not find yourself in a position where you need to make a complaint, however should this be the case, we hope that any problems which may arise during club time can be dealt with promptly by a member of staff. Should the matter not be resolved then please contact Dina or Steve, giving information about your concerns and allow time to investigate the matter.

In any case we will endeavour to deal with your corncerns promptly and courteously.

What do I do if I have a concern?

  1. Contact Club Staff to Resolve   
  2. If Not Resolved Contact Steve or Dina Wilson   
  3. If Not Resolved Contact Ofsted.  


Breakfast and After School Childcare. For children aged 4-12