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How to book

Payment and bookings procedure   
Before the end of each month a booking form will be e-mailed to you for the following month. Booking forms need to be returned by the date stated on the form or at least a week before the beginning of the month. The quickest and easiest way to return your bookings is via e-mail, or you can leave a hard copy at the school reception if you prefer.

We expect full payment for sessions even if the child is collected early prior to the start of each month. Fees must be paid in advance of the month.

You don’t need to book for whole weeks, once you receive the booking form, just mark the dates required, they can be different each month if you wish.

We regret that refunds for cancellations cannot be made.

We can accept casual bookings providing we have a place available. Please check for availability first then pay for the session prior to your child attending the club.

If you require additional sessions, please check for availability first, then send an e-mail or written note stating clearly the requested dates and forward, together with your payment to Hedgehogs, either via school office or the club. Please note that additional bookings will not be accepted without payment. 

If you have added an afternoon session within the same week, you need to notify your childs class teacher of the change. 

Payments can be made by bank transfer, childcare vouchers or cheque (payable to "Hedgehogs").

Payment and booking form can be handed to the school office in a sealed envelope marked for the attention of Hedgehogs, if not returned electronically.  Bank charges for returned cheques will be payable by parents.

If booking and payment is not received by the required date, your child will not be expected at the club, even if he/she is a regular attender. Should payment not be received by the required date without prior consent from Steve or Dina, then we reserve the right to withdraw your child’s place. 

If you are a regular member of the club and no longer require the use of our service, please let us know. 

Childcare Vouchers
As a childcare provision registered with OFSTED, Hedgehogs can take payment using childcare vouchers, we accept Computershare, Edenred, Childcare Plus, Fair Care, Kidsunlimited, and more. Childcare vouchers are exempt from tax and National Insurance contributions; you will need to ask your employer about this option.

Tax-Free Childcare

As a childcare provision registered with Ofsted we can accept payments via Tax-Free Childcare. The Tax-Free Childcare is the latest online government service which helps working parents with the cost of childcare. To find out more about this service please see: www.childcare-support.taxservice.co.uk

Child Registration Form

It is crucial that the Registration Form is completed in full for each child as it provides contact names, your child’s doctor, allergy information, special requirements and gives staff contact information needed in emergencies. The club must be notified immediately of any change of these details. A child cannot be accepted in the club without a signed Registration Form.

Download the Child Registration Form here.

The club must be notified immediately in the absence of a child. This is important for your child’s safety as if we are not advised we do not know for what reason the child is missing. Staff will be taken away from the club setting to investigate the reason for the absence and to ensure the child is safe. Please notify us no later than 2.00 by text or telephone (please do not e-mail last minutes absences).

If your child is not going to attend a session, please let a member of the Hedgehogs staff know before the session starts. Please do not assume that if school personnel know of the absence of a child, the Hedgehogs must know as well, as Hedgehogs are a totally separate organisation.

Cancellations should be made in writing either via e-mail or a note to the club, alternatively you can telephone or send a text message to Steve or Dina or our club mobile phones (numbers listed for individual clubs).  In case of a last minute cancellation please ensure that we have received the message by 2.00 pm.

If your child is attending a club or has a sporting event after school and will be late to the Hedgehogs Club, please notify us as we will otherwis have to use valuable time investigating.                         

Children attending other clubs       
If your child attends another club after school, before attending the Hedgehogs Club, for your child’s safety we strongly advise that you let us know, as we have quite a number of children attending different clubs at different times and it is not easy to keep track of them unless it is in writing. Please complete the space at the bottom of the booking form indicting the dates, activities and when we should expect your child. Snacks and drinks will be offered to your child on arrival. 

You also need to inform us if your child is not attending their usual club so we can ensure he/she will be with us at the beginning of a session. 

Collection of children
You can collect your children at any time during the course of the afternoon, as long as they are collected no later than 6.00pm. You will need to pay for the whole session even if you collect your children earlier. If there is a problem in getting to the club on time then the parent must ring the club to advise of the reason for the delay and make alternative arrangements for the collection of the child. If you make alternative arrangements for the collection of your children you need to notify the club, giving details of the person who will be collecting on your behalf.

If a parent arrives after 6.00pm for any reason, a late charge of £5.00 per quarter hour will be incurred. This situation will only be accepted occasionally or under special circumstances. Please be aware that if a parent is late and we are not notified we will need to contact the police or social services as we are not responsible for children out of club hours.

Breakfast and After School Childcare. For children aged 4-12